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What Is Going On August 2012

Each day seems like more than one, yet at the same time each of those multi-days flies by into actual weeks and months. At least it can hardly be described as boring in the short term. I don’t have much … Continue reading

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Changing Vision

Let’s talk about changes. I’ve mentioned before an odd desire to make collectible card style games–though I don’t like the collectible bit in the sense of some cards being astronomically priced or hard to get a hold of. I may … Continue reading

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Thankfully It Comes Naturally

I have to admit that work is not progressing as it should. I lost one night to watching episodes of ghost and haunting stories as well as some clips and even some paranormal investigations. From that came a nice R.G. … Continue reading

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The Chaos Will Coalesce Again

I am back from my hiatus. So, what did I accomplish? Well… not much of what I had intended; I can tell you that. All the background bits that no one notices until they aren’t complete are only caught up … Continue reading

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Serial Finale: Class Dismissed

It is that time once more. It’s killing time. Killing Time – Horror E-Rag Issue 3-2 has landed in the Battered Spleen Productions store. I hope everyone’s been able to patiently wait until now, with a minimum of bloodshed–after all, … Continue reading

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