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Inexorable Momentum Relinquishment

Wednesday was a bust with no post. Last Thursday was the same. I should have made up for it yesterday, but I did not. Next week is clear except for Saturday; the chase and evade must continue. I was trying … Continue reading

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Silly Side Slipping Filler

I’ve been watching four hour swathes of entertainment in the same setting, many times multiple nights in the week. It’s like slipping into another world for a time.* It’s like living someone else’s life from the outside.** It’s an experience … Continue reading

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Heat Haze Work Vs. Work Wonkiness

Here we are in August already. It’s still amazing to see how fast time flies by despite how long any single day or even hour can be. I had wanted to unleash my submissions policy for Killing Time – Horror … Continue reading

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Not Enough in a Day, Eh?

Time flies when your having fun. So they say. Time flies when you have a lot of work to do. Boy, does it fly then, so that you’re on deadline and rushing to get things done. Sometimes you leave things … Continue reading

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