Horror Geek Breath

Before I begin I would like to thank everyone who helped me out in the past few days to collect data in my sample survey.  I have yet to analyse it but I have a goodly amount of data.  Thank you, you know who you are.
Today I have something special.  Over at my Blogger blog, “R.G. Male’s Dark Corners” (http://rgmale.blogspot.com), I have been using a number of interesting titles for my weekly Horror on Hump Day blog.  Some of these titles were inspired by other things that I enjoy or can’t get out of my head.  These inspirations can come from songs, or books, or movies, or comics, or TV shows.  Today I have taken a small group of these inspired titles and created a little survey about them.  Each title has a multiple-choice question with four options.  Only one option is the inspiration for the title.
Do you think you can get all of them right?  If you do, the survey is available at…
None of the questions are required to be answered, so if you only want to check out the survey and not commit your email address to the survey’s data, then please feel free not to fill in that box.  Likewise if you don’t want to pass on your name then you can give me a fake name or just not fill in that box either.  While it is not required, I would appreciate it if everyone would answer the survey question “Which site did you reach this survey from?”  Thank you.
The survey will run until August 29, 2008, at 12 pm EST and you can check back at this blog/note for the answers later on that day.  I will also randomly select one winner who has answered all of the questions correctly.  Should no one answer all of the questions correctly one of the highest scorers will be selected at random.  The winner will be announced here on August 29, 2008, at 10 pm EST.  The winner, if they have entered their email, will be notified that they have won at that time as well.  What does the winner get?  Do you mean aside from the adulation of everyone who reads this blog regularly?  Or the satisfaction of being the geekiest?  The winner will receive a free copy of my dark and twisted e-book “Cast What You Will, Get What You Deserve”. 
For those not interested enough to go to the survey, the following is a list of the titles in the survey that everyone else will be selecting what inspiration made me come up with that title…
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #10: Paranoia and the Fugitive Mind
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #12: Like Ogres, Onions, and Cakes
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #16: Too Much Information
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-2: No Porcine Blemishes Here
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-9: Let’s Get Physical
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-10: Who Do? You Do.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-11: *Dun-dun* Zombie Love
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-12: Too Doe Nakotae
Final Question:  What is the inspiration for today’s title, “Horror Geek Breath”?
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