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Taking Notes Hostage

It all begins with the same step whether it is a blog article, a short story, a novel, a movie, a song, or a role-playing game session.  It can be on paper, in a text file, or just sitting there … Continue reading

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I am very angry.

For the first time in at least 10 years I am without the ZoneAlarm Firewall, once the best firewall you could get it is now entirely unloadable.  I cannot even revert to a previous edition because the so called installation … Continue reading

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A Little Bird Told Me

It’s been something of a week.  On one hand a lot of nothing went on, on the other a lot of ideas, information, and general data have flowed through my eyes into my brain.  First I want to point people … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Going Info-Surfing

In most circles I’m often the first person to admit that I’m insanely busy.  For ages now people have been saying that they have too much information.  Going back to 1999 even Quiet Riot sang about it.  That’s how much … Continue reading

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Great Striding Progress Cluster

This week has seen a lot of success for me in getting things done and out there that have been in the planning stages for weeks.  First up I have upgraded the Horror Cares(TM) gadget to include all of my … Continue reading

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