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Stand and Represent

The other day I answered a survey about DVDs.  When questions came up regarding as to which genres I was buying I noticed something I felt was interesting.  For the Horror genre, they had chosen what might be an obvious … Continue reading

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Eaten Months

Another month has been eaten seemingly almost whole again.  Where does the time go?  I’ve been busy its true, writing up several kinds of storms, one virtually literally.  As can be seen today is a day for a lot of … Continue reading

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…and Now for the Weather

Beyond what was discussed last time about the weather in games–and this applies to all story telling–there are other factors to consider.  The most visible of these factors in indeed visibility.  Whether it is heavy rain, driving snow, or clinging … Continue reading

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Sound and Fury

Just a note about Friday: It was reported that 150,000 people (not just motorcycles, since some ride two people) descended upon Port Dover, a town/area of normally 6,000 people!   I spent the weekend, and a couple days before it, … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th and the Bikers

Happy Friday the 13th everybody.  That special day that only comes one or twice a year is upon us.  Being summer, the usual 13th ballyhoo is larger than when it falls in cooler weather, not that today is all that … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer

  I don’t feel like being up to much of anything.  It’s already as hot right now as it was at the worst last night, which for this place is saying something.  Still I put together a nice edition of … Continue reading

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Web Coding Woes

I have not done the work that I set out to do for my reviews site.  The reason for that is I am looking for an intelligent way to do it with coding above and beyond HTML.  The first step … Continue reading

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